April 24, 2019

How to apply for an ESTA?

If you don’t know how to apply for an ESTA, then you are on right place! On the first stage you should make sure that you are eligible for Visa Waiver Program. If you have a citizenship of a country which is a part of the Visa Waver Program (VWP) than you should apply for ESTA to receive an approval from the US Customs and Boarder Protection to travel to the United States or for a transit to another country. If you have an alternative form of visa that allows you to travel to the US, you need not to apply additionally for ESTA. Applying for ESTA takes several minutes and is made online and you must know exactly how to apply for an ESTA. You fill the required fields by answering questions from which the system will check your eligibility and then you receive the approval or a denial.

Most of our customers don’t know how to apply for an ESTA, and our experienced team is here to help them with all questions and steps. With us you have more chance to get your Visa, than by your own because you don’t know specific process of ESTA that seems simple at the beginning, but further you go, more questions you will have regarding United States Visa (ESTA)