April 24, 2019

How much does an ESTA cost?

On September 8th, 2010, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security introduced an ESTA application fee — and the question is how much does an ESTA cost now. Since that date ESTA cost is $14. Travelers entering the USA under the Visa Waiver Program must pay for every ESTA application they submit. ESTA cost does not include discounts for students, pensioners etc. That means an ESTA visa costs the same for all citizens of VWP countries and the answer how much is an ESTA — is always the same except you use of professional services. We represent mediator experts’ group who help you to manage the application procedure easily and get an approval from the official USA Customs and Borders Protection in a minimum time average.

To help the costumer for ESTA application procedure we provide you with the professionals who reduce the chances to make technical mistakes, gain denial and increase your cost. And how much is an ESTA visa for USA with professional help in all needed formalities?  Cost of our service is $78 and covers every service provided by us, including the $14 that is the cost of ESTA visa requested by the official web page and $64 for our service.

Before planning your trip to the USA you need to prepare yourself properly, including all formalities and expenditures. For that reason you need to know how much is an ESTA and when you need to buy it. An information about deadlines you can find here and costs are $14 for the government service and $64 for our professional services in all formalities. The full answer how much is an ESTA visa with experts’ help is $78.

If you are not a USA citizen and plan to travel to this country, the very important thing is to complete all needed formalities and to plan expenditures. Probably you wonder now how much does an ESTA visa cost. But you must also know an ESTA is not the same as traditional USA visa. If you are not citizen of the one of the VWP countries, you need to have a typical USA visa (ex. tourist visa or workers’ visa) and in that case formalities and costs are different. And the first thing you should check is, if your country belongs to VWP. You can do it  here. Now, when you are sure you are citizen of VWP countries, you are able to ask how much does an ESTA cost before you start to plan your travel to USA. The comprehensive answer you can find above in this article.